The commissions came from a request from management for psychology, “caring for people” through HR advice. This work has been articulated with the staff department and the company’s employees identified with this demand for care and investments in human.
Thus, the Commissions were constituted based on the demands listened, and the topics covered are Social, Environmental and Technical. Surf and know a little about the work and the internal life in the company.

Technical committee

The Technical Commission aims to raise awareness and encourage the training of workers in the footwear sector. It promotes the reception of collaborators who seek technical improvements, through courses available in the market, also allowing the discussion and presentation of the material studied and transformed to the reality of their sector. Regarding access to vocational training projects that involve social inclusion and development of labor. The committee is made up of heads of the company sectors and employees who have an interest in participating.

The Technical Commission is responsible for the Young Apprentice project in the company. The association is with Senai – National Service of Industrial Education-NH.

Visit to the factory of two groups of adolescents of CREAS-NH, young people who seek to know the labor market. At the time the Young Apprentices of Tchocco, together with the professionals of HR and Technical Commission, were able to remove doubts and give explanations about the access to places and selective process in the company.


Meeting of the Traveling Network that brings together professionals from the western region of the city to discuss issues related to childhood, adolescence, their policies and issues related to institutions that host projects or care for this population and their families.

In this meeting that took place in the factory, there was the participation of SENAI – National Industrial Learning Service, team from Novo Hamburgo, accessed by Tchocco to present to the schools of the region and other representations of sectors of the PMNH, Projeto Jovem Aprendiz. Our adolescent apprentices were present to give their opinion on the registration and training process in the chosen course in the creation and production of footwear, while also attending regular school in the counter-shift.

Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission assumes that responsibility for waste reduction is everyone’s job. And in this approach, proper waste the permanent care with the internal work environment and the local environment, considering the neighborhood and the city.

This commission is made up of employees of Estação Brasil Calçados Ltda who form a collective representing the various sectors of the company. The objective of the work is to raise awareness about environmental care by discussing issues related to legislation and reducing the impacts inherent in the production mode of production. In addition to promoting the strengthening of responsibility and internal quality and environmental partner, facing the challenge of reducing waste. Meetings are monthly or as per job demands.


Project Company Environment Friendly

Estação Brasil Ltda since 2011 participates in the editions of the Environment Friendly Project of FUNDAMENTAL, a non-governmental organization with non-economic purposes instituted by ACINH / CB / EV.

Tchocco agrees with the Foundation on the prevention and encouragement of liability with regard to environmental issues that “Are increasingly prominent in modern society, impacting on government policies as well as on the productive sector of the country and the world. Environmental aggressions, if not avoided or minimized, will soon make the process of degradation irreversible, leading to the compromise of the quality of life of the next generations “(Fundamental).


Alertando a comunidade para os riscos

Lecture on the mosquito aedes aegypti </ em>, transmitter of the Zyka virus that causes dengue in the general population and microcephaly in babies of pregnant women. Speakers from the Biomedicine course at Feevale, convened by the PMNH, were invited to take part in this preventive action, to raise awareness about the risks of mosquito proliferation, prior to the arrival of summer 2017 in Rio Grande do Sul.


Environmental Day

On this year’s Environment Day, taking advantage of the opportunity to recall and promote the internal collection of cooking oil, Tchocco employees were presented with a bar of soap from this same cooking oil, produced by the Mundo Mais Limpo!

Reminding each one that a liter of oil can contaminate one million liters of water, the equivalent of the consumption of 1 person in 14 years of life.

The Environmental Commission, which was waiting for the reactivation of the Environment Friendly Company Project, held a Technical Visit to the Fundamental, at the Industrial Solid Waste Center (located in the neighborhood of Roselândia in Novo Hamburgo), also commemorating the Environmental Day 2017.


Social Commission

The purpose of the Social Commission is to aggregate people, their ideas and thus to rescue and promote aspects of culture already present in the field of work, considering the social condition of the human being and the worker. Thus, in this perspective of humanizing the work environment, valuing social dates and actions discussed and planned in monthly meetings or according to the demands, results in the Tchocco Calendar of representative dates for the team.

The commission is made up of employees of Estação Brasil Calçados Ltda who form a collective of representation of the various sectors of the company.

Most remembered celebrations !

The celebrations that involve the family, is what we perceive, are more remembered by the collaborators in the planned cultural calendar. Tchocco is reminded and encouraged by Tchocco, with the message to the employees of the company to maintain care in the relationship with their children and grandchildren, considering that at each age of these there are different opportunities in the functions maternal and paternal. And, could not miss the Children’s Day that has been celebrated in different ways, whether through internal parties or street parties for children. When time is created to play, listen to stories and stories, indulge in a party menu and, in previous years, have also won toys. It’s like the last two years when the fun was guaranteed through the Family Session project at Cinespaço, next to the city mall.

The Farroupilha Revolution is annually remembered and assumed in celebration through a lunch prepared by the chiefs. As these volunteer cooks are already considered professionals by those who savor the carreteiros, glimpse in the bread and the typical brawny on the grill!

The holiday season is already a tradition in Tchocco , that is, celebrate the year lived and lived, in large part, with colleagues, with the network of customers and representatives.

Commemoration that allows us to observe the trajectory traced and the relaunch of the new year!


Partnership with the community!

Partnership for the making of aprons with the Creation and Sewing Workshop of the Neighborhood Residents’ Association .


And look at the papal wearing the Gift of Tchocco !

Gesture that seeks to highlight the importance of the presence of parents in the lives of their daughters and children, in addition to the work environment, in the conviviality and accompaniment of their lives.

Participation of I Week Municipal Play , installed the island of playing in the corridor of bus in the center of the city and aid in the dissemination of the week next to the municipality. The little house that is set up here is the result of the work of Tchocco’s magic team – cutting, sewing and assembling moms, dads and grandparents!

In this time of stress, in which there are effects on the market, from consumer rallies to the search for solutions often excessively justified by economic calculations, workers become insecure when social security and labor changes are proposed without due discussion time. This panorama required space for workers to listen and ask questions with the help of the Municipal Social Welfare Defense Committee-2017, made up of representatives of the unions in the region. Activity organized in partnership – Estação Brasil Calcados Ltda.- Tchocco, Association of Parents and Teachers of EMEF João Goulart, located in the neighborhood, and Association of Residents of the neighborhoods Rincão and Petrópolis.