With more than thirty years of existence, and having as creator of the brand, Irineu Fuhr, Tchocco is present in the main stores of the country, shoeing and enchanting BRAZILIAN WOMAN. Since April 2010, Tchocco has been manufactured by the company Estação Brasil Calçados Ltda, which is headquartered in the city of Novo Hamburgo in Rio Grande do Sul. Engaged in social causes and caring for its environment, it recently received the title Amiga Company

Thus, as it operates externally, the internal environment of the company privileges the relaxation, unity and camaraderie between employees, generating an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. Within this premise and focused on the well-being of people, the design and technologies used have as a central focus the COMFORT in the sandals and shoes manufactured by the company. As manufacturers of a brand of comfortable shoes, we affirm that it is very good to see how our consumers assimilate our creations.

As an innovative thought, that hard work and passion for perfection, we are guided to a progression of market seeing the brand enter, more and more, in the stores and “walk” increasingly in the feet of the women. Get to know our products and have a pleasant experience of wearing a shoe with the Comfort you Embrace.